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Spring ’17 Summaries


How is it possibly May already? Typing away, the sun is shining and the birds are singing! Spring is most definitely here and that can only mean that Summer is just around the corner and with it event and wedding season is upon us. Although we’ve already had quite a few events and a wedding, summer is the traditional time to say ‘I Do’, however our season starts mid-April and continues through to September. Busy (but fun) times ahead! Intermingled with some corporate events (one tomorrow actually) and a few big birthday’s and special occasions this year looks set to be a big one.

Summer Pud


Before we have all these though, let us recap a little over the past 3 months. So what have we been up to…well you would think that these months are the quietest; not exactly! Although not literally, we have been making hay whilst the sun shines, in other words prepping for the many events and weddings that the year holds. We have been busy with tastings galore, looking at our menus and re-jigging them, coming up with some exciting new menus and ideas and organising ourselves and our staff ready for when it’s all systems go.


crab cones

We also have some exciting plans for our premises and are hoping to create and install something quite special! You’re going to have to wait for a few more details, but let’s just say it’s going to good!


Amongst all of the prep and admin, we’ve had a weddings and events galore! It’s never really quiet for us! One of our lovely weddings fell on Valentine’s Day – how romantic! Guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet full of goodies and brimming with food. “I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for helping our wedding day be amazing! The lamb was the hit of the day as were the burgers and chips and the puddings were also super yummy! I wish I could do it all again and sit and eat it all again! You and your staff were wonderful on the day and really helped with the smooth running of things.” Such fab feedback received too, which always makes us smile!

catherine and leon


It’s fair to say we have been busy little wedding planning bee’s at the start of this year. As with the food and events side, in the ‘quiet’ months, it’s great to get everything in order, planning, prepping and generally making sure you are being productive and finalising plans for your summer weddings. All this, mixed with meetings and some tastings keeps us busy, but we do love this part when all the plans start to take shape and the couples can really start to see their big day coming together. Absolutely love seeing that!


In addition to all of the planning, we’ve also been asked to help style a few wedding inspiration shoots and organise a couple of our own. We sadly can’t give much away yet, but once we know when they are published, all shall be revealed. We also had a few previous shoots feature on Bridal Musings, Fine Art Wedding Boutique  You & Your Wedding Online and in Perfect Wedding Magazine and You & Your Wedding Magazine. The feeling you get seeing your work really is quite special; getting to be creative and working with some fellow amazing industry pro’s is just amazing and is something that we just love to do and help other suppliers do too. We don’t just plan, we also style and that seems to be quite a popular request currently; not only for fellow suppliers, but for couples who have the planning side nailed, but need some help with the creative side and bringing a vision to life. In this visual and social media driven world, couples are wanting to be more and more unique and décor and styling is one way to do so…mixing up linens, the way you fold a napkin or have a runner, installations and florals and various lighting effects. There are so many ways to inject personality and style and we totally love this part of weddings and events. Another biggy is on the day management, which we have a lot of this year. From doing over 500 weddings, we like to think we know a thing or two about the wedding day and if it means our couples can relax the whole day through, knowing we have everything sorted, then it works for us! We always aim to please!

Botanical Greenery



We also received some exciting photos this week from the fab Melia Melia Photography from a wedding we planned and catered for last year at Wickham House. Seriously dreamy images and we are so excited! We can’t wait to share these with you all soon.

Harri wedding

However with all this in mind, we have to get back to a final few plans and finish prepping! The smell wafting from the kitchen is H E A V E N L Y!

Until next time…Emma & Team GB. x

Goose & Berry are a Luxury Boutique Catering, Wedding, Event & Brand Experience Planning & Design company who specialise in Weddings, Social and Corporate Events.  We are based in Marlow & London and cover London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Home Counties.


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Wedding Favours – A little Thank You

Sugared almond anyone? Cute and traditional but I think today’s weddings call out for something more personal, maybe a bit more fun and something that is maybe a touch more edible. I actually am quite partial to a sugared almond or two, but I know there is so much more on the market! Favours are those things that seem to cause everyone a little bit of bother and not everyone is sold on them. It’s lovely to give something as a gesture and if budget allows, but are they really necessary? Well I like to think they are quite cute and your guests are sure to love getting a little something…but maybe something a little more adventurous than sugared almonds! Shall we take a look at some ideas?

I have to say my personal fave kind of favour is of the edible variety. I could go into quite lengthy detail about these, but I will just highlight a few that I love. If you want to have a look at a few more ideas, then take a look at our blog on Edible favours here.

  • Homemade Jams and Chutneys – Ever popular and seriously yummy. Guests will love that you have made these yourself and it’s something personal for them to take home. Go with your favourite flavour and ‘spread the love’…sorry couldn’t help it!


  • Mint to be – Yes, another little play on words, but whether in cute little tins, or old fashioned sweetie bags, mints are a great little touch and are handy too…especially if you’ve chosen a garlic based main!


  • Infused Olive Oil – I adore this idea and especially if it’s a truffle infused oil (I’m obsessed and goes so well on a porcini mushroom risotto….I digress!) – you could infuse your own or buy. Maybe add a little tag with a recipe on to use it. Who doesn’t love a little something they can take home and use!


  • Tea – Let your love brew! Yes, for all of those tea lovers, how fab would it be to create your own special blend, package it up in cute little bags and give to your guests as favours. Served with a name tag and in a vintage china cup, these are delicious ideas for those whimsical and rustic weddings, and perfect if you are having an afternoon tea based meal. Yum!


  • Shots – A slightly more alcoholic approach and maybe only adult appropriate, but you could serve a shot of something in a personalised shot glass. Doubling up as a drink, name tag and gift. Liking this multi-tasking idea a lot.


So I think it’s fair to say food rules my heart, however as long as something is personal, thoughtful and pretty, it also gets my vote. There are several wonderful favour ideas that you can’t eat sadly, but are just as wonderful!

  • Candles – Personalised, scented or just a token of your appreciation, candles are a cute way of saying thanks.


  • Seeds – Whether on paper, in a little hessian bag, or in a jar – watch your love (and plants) grow! I love the fact that you can plant these and the products will remind guests of your wedding. Very sweet.


  • Mini flower pots and plants – So you’re impatient and you don’t like the seed idea – then why not give your guests a mini plant in a pot. You could even use these as name tags. A lovely little souvenir.


  • Handmade soap – Another little DIY task for you to try. Yes, soaps can be bought, but perhaps you could make your own, with your favourite scents and ingredients. The personal touch will be sure to leave your guests smelling sweet!


  • Vintiquities – Why not use vintage keys or compasses as your table plan and name tags? Guests can then keep these and take them home as a reminder of your magical day. And…some keys even double up as bottle openers –genius!


  • Lottery Tickets / Scratch cards – Hey! If one of your guests wins big, they are going to be so thankful!


  • Raffle Ticket – Fab if you have a festival/fete themed wedding. Give each guest a raffle ticket and either have a selection of goodies or one big prize to win. Make it an add on to the speeches and get everyone involved in the fun!


  • Perfume – Ok, so this might be one for the bigger budgets, but if you adore beautiful scents and perhaps you are having your own made up for the day, why not make up some mini bottles (altering the scent a little – you want to individual right!?) and give to your guests.  Maybe you want to get interactive. Set up a scent station, where guests can create their own signature scent to bottle up and take home. The sweet smell of love!


  • Handmade Thank you Notes – Actually one of the simplest and cutest ideas and mainly because it’s so personal. Write a little card or note for each of your guests, sharing a memory or thank you. Warning – may cause some blubbing –add a pack of tissues in for good measure!


So what do you think? Still want to stick to those sugared almonds or are you going to be a little bit more daring? Go on, give something different and try, your guest will most definitely thank you.

Words by Emma

Images via Pinterest

Goose & Berry are a Luxury Boutique Catering, Wedding, Event & Brand Experience Planning & Design company who specialise in Weddings, Social and Corporate Events.  We are based in Marlow & London and cover London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Home Counties.


Did you know we also Plan and Design Weddings and Events! http://www.gooseandberry.co.uk/event-design-goose-and-berry

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Edible Gifts & Favours!

Edible Gifts and Favours – Guests are in for a treat!

We have already predicted big things for edible gifts and favours for this year. Sugared almonds and bags of sweeties are out and a whole lot of yumminess is in. We talk you through what you may see over the next few months and may even like to use yourself. What is not to love about these! Whether taken home or enjoyed later in the evening, everyone will love what’s waiting for them as a token of your appreciation. With the increase in DIY and crafty weddings we have seen in recent times, alongside this we have seen a more relaxed and homely feel to weddings and more couples creating items themselves. Items such as decorations, invites and favours. Homemade favours are a big thing and a great way of saving some pennies and spending elsewhere, these can range from key rings, plant pots, seeds packaged up, soaps and toiletries to chutneys, jams and cupcakes. Favours don’t have to be reserved for just weddings either. If you’re hosting a party or supper, why not treat your guests to a delicious little something. If you’re not already feeling hungry, you may be after you have seen what’s in store…


These gooey little bites of heaven are reminiscent of childhoods, sitting round an open fire and hot chocolate. Evoking fond memories of happy times, marshmallows have gained status and been brought into adulthood with sumptuous and fun flavours, beautiful presentations and have increased in size too. Macaroons and Meringues have been popular over recent times and will long continue to do so, but another sugary M has been brought to life and not only are they a great gift, you can have a go at making them yourself. Ideal if you love to bake (and you can keep a sneaky few for yourself too!) We love a cocktail or alcoholic flavoured marshmallow here at Goose & Berry, you could try a Pimms one, maybe a Baileys, how about a Chambord and Champagne flavoured one? You could even go exotic. Pineapple, passion fruit and mango, coconut and rum? Or maybe salted caramel, a personal favourite. The best way is to experiment and it’s a great excuse to sample some of these tasty beauties. If you have a particular dessert or signature cocktail at your wedding or party, perhaps you could flavour the marshmallow to match.

Hot Chocolate

There is no better accompaniment to Marshmallows, than Hot Chocolate. Now it’s not served then and there at the table (although there is nothing stopping you serving this if you so wish!), but in the cute way of a little jar, bag or tube, that looks totally adorable. All your guests will have to do is take it home and add hot water – oh and marshmallows too of course! These little hot chocolate kits are a great idea and work so well to give to adults and children alike. You can personalise them with labels and coloured ribbon, so as to match any theme you may have and serve them at individual place settings. Or you could keep them all together and display them on a rustic crate or table and have people take them as they enter, or leave.

Chocolate Lolli-props

We have all seen the props used in photo booths and for selfies at weddings and parties, but these genius little wonders are an all round amazing idea. Why not have edible props, shaped like giant mouths and moustaches, which can be used for photos and then eaten. Moulds can be bought from many craft shops and all you have to do is simply melt the chocolate, fill the mould, place a stick in and let cool. Clever! Different colours and candy can be used and can be found at most cake shops.

Cake Pops

A fun way of incorporating the tradition of cake at a wedding and party may be to have a cake pops and having them as favours. These can be displayed in a fun way, such as maybe placing them on sticks and having a ‘garden’ of cake pops and macaroons and marshmallows or beautifully presented and wrapped ready for your guests at their place.

 Personalised Sweeties

If you have a sweet tooth or a favourite type of sweet, then these could be right up your street…and hopefully your guests will love them too! JellyBelly Jelly Beans, M&M’s and Love Hearts can all be personalised with a message or initials, date or logo or even a photo that you have used on your invites and stationary. Such a great and simple way of adding a bit of fun to the proceedings and a little keep sake for your guests (although I can’t imagine they will last long and if they are anything like a few people we know, they won’t even it make it to the starter! Think of them as an amuse bouche!)

Mini Pies

Whether you choose savoury or sweet, why not try baking (or buying) some mini pies for your guests. Use your favourite filling and package in a cardboard box with some twine, ribbon and a label. These could be a winner for those late night munchies and may well be a savoir on the journey home or a midnight snack in the hotel room.


Not just for cinema or movies it seems, popcorn is ‘popping’ up at weddings more and more. Old fashioned popcorn machines, along with candyfloss machines are popular, especially at fair and festival themed weddings. So why not incorporate this in the form of favours. Place in a bag or tube, guests can snack on this on the day or why not place un-popped corn in some pretty packaging and attach some basic instructions for guests that they can make their own popcorn at home. Different flavour sugars could be added also, or just the basic popcorn as it is.

Peanut Butter and Honey

Not a new combination to replace peanut butter and jam, but two new ways of giving out some sweet little homemade pots of tasty treats. Homemade jams and chutneys are still very popular, but why not be a little different and pot up some peanut butter or honey. These could be made or shop bought and can be personalised using different materials, colours and labels.

Toffee / Caramels / Toffee Apple

Perhaps you have an Autumn wedding or maybe you just have a ridiculously sweet tooth. Instead of just a bag of sweeties, toffee or caramels or even Toffee Apples may be the choice for you. You could certainly have a lot of fun making these…and then eating them and I’m sure your guests would too. You may like to package the toffee’s and caramels in an old fashioned sweet bag or wrap a toffee apple in cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon or twine and label up.

Infused Olive Oils

This may be one that you hadn’t really thought of, but we think that infused olive oils are a great favour or gift. You may have a favourite holiday destination that could be the perfect reasoning behind these little gems. Maybe you could even purchase them on said holiday. A sophisticated and indulgent favour that would work well with an elegant event or maybe you are foodies and your wedding and party is very food orientated, these would be the perfect favour. You could even pair them up with Balsamic Vinegar. With different infusions such as basil, garlic, lemon and truffle (soo good) you could have a different one for each table – maybe even theme or name your tables around them!


If you are anything like us and you adore tea, then this could be the obvious choice. Do you have a favourite type of tea or perhaps you might like to make your own blend? There are a few places that can do this for you and we have no doubt you will love the whole experience…and probably buy enough tea to last a lifetime! You could have loose tea or tea bags and personalise them up with your own unique packaging and labelling. You may like to place these in a vintage tea cup or if you are having afternoon tea served as your wedding breakfast or an afternoon tea/ garden party theme, then why not serve your blended tea and have the tea as favours too. Quite in love with this!


With juicing being the new ‘it’ thing to do and if you’re a health conscious couple, you may like to try giving small bottles of fresh juice as favours. This may take some time and they would need to be fresh, but these may a lovely idea for a smaller gathering or supper. Maybe attach a recipe for one or two juices so as your guests can give it go for themselves.

DIY cocktail kits and recipe

Guests love something to take home with them and remind them of their day. If you have had a signature cocktail at your wedding or party, you might like to give guests a small bottle of spirit alongside a recipe for them to take home and make themselves. Such a simple, yet effective idea and one that the adults will love. For any children, why not give them a mini bottle of juice with a mocktail recipe.

The Hangover Kit

A possible lifesaver for some of your guests is the Hangover Kit – as simple as a bottle of water and labelled with ‘Hangover Kit’. You could make it personalised and bottle and label up yourself or you could keep to branded water and add a tag. It really is that simple!


Visit us at http://www.gooseandberry.co.uk  or http://www.gooseandberryluxe.co.uk for more inspiration.


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