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Spring ’17 Summaries


How is it possibly May already? Typing away, the sun is shining and the birds are singing! Spring is most definitely here and that can only mean that Summer is just around the corner and with it event and wedding season is upon us. Although we’ve already had quite a few events and a wedding, summer is the traditional time to say ‘I Do’, however our season starts mid-April and continues through to September. Busy (but fun) times ahead! Intermingled with some corporate events (one tomorrow actually) and a few big birthday’s and special occasions this year looks set to be a big one.

Summer Pud


Before we have all these though, let us recap a little over the past 3 months. So what have we been up to…well you would think that these months are the quietest; not exactly! Although not literally, we have been making hay whilst the sun shines, in other words prepping for the many events and weddings that the year holds. We have been busy with tastings galore, looking at our menus and re-jigging them, coming up with some exciting new menus and ideas and organising ourselves and our staff ready for when it’s all systems go.


crab cones

We also have some exciting plans for our premises and are hoping to create and install something quite special! You’re going to have to wait for a few more details, but let’s just say it’s going to good!


Amongst all of the prep and admin, we’ve had a weddings and events galore! It’s never really quiet for us! One of our lovely weddings fell on Valentine’s Day – how romantic! Guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet full of goodies and brimming with food. “I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for helping our wedding day be amazing! The lamb was the hit of the day as were the burgers and chips and the puddings were also super yummy! I wish I could do it all again and sit and eat it all again! You and your staff were wonderful on the day and really helped with the smooth running of things.” Such fab feedback received too, which always makes us smile!

catherine and leon


It’s fair to say we have been busy little wedding planning bee’s at the start of this year. As with the food and events side, in the ‘quiet’ months, it’s great to get everything in order, planning, prepping and generally making sure you are being productive and finalising plans for your summer weddings. All this, mixed with meetings and some tastings keeps us busy, but we do love this part when all the plans start to take shape and the couples can really start to see their big day coming together. Absolutely love seeing that!


In addition to all of the planning, we’ve also been asked to help style a few wedding inspiration shoots and organise a couple of our own. We sadly can’t give much away yet, but once we know when they are published, all shall be revealed. We also had a few previous shoots feature on Bridal Musings, Fine Art Wedding Boutique  You & Your Wedding Online and in Perfect Wedding Magazine and You & Your Wedding Magazine. The feeling you get seeing your work really is quite special; getting to be creative and working with some fellow amazing industry pro’s is just amazing and is something that we just love to do and help other suppliers do too. We don’t just plan, we also style and that seems to be quite a popular request currently; not only for fellow suppliers, but for couples who have the planning side nailed, but need some help with the creative side and bringing a vision to life. In this visual and social media driven world, couples are wanting to be more and more unique and décor and styling is one way to do so…mixing up linens, the way you fold a napkin or have a runner, installations and florals and various lighting effects. There are so many ways to inject personality and style and we totally love this part of weddings and events. Another biggy is on the day management, which we have a lot of this year. From doing over 500 weddings, we like to think we know a thing or two about the wedding day and if it means our couples can relax the whole day through, knowing we have everything sorted, then it works for us! We always aim to please!

Botanical Greenery



We also received some exciting photos this week from the fab Melia Melia Photography from a wedding we planned and catered for last year at Wickham House. Seriously dreamy images and we are so excited! We can’t wait to share these with you all soon.

Harri wedding

However with all this in mind, we have to get back to a final few plans and finish prepping! The smell wafting from the kitchen is H E A V E N L Y!

Until next time…Emma & Team GB. x

Goose & Berry are a Luxury Boutique Catering, Wedding, Event & Brand Experience Planning & Design company who specialise in Weddings, Social and Corporate Events.  We are based in Marlow & London and cover London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Home Counties.


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Champagne and Cocktails

Last week we talked about food, now we discuss drink (another of our favourite things!) Similar to the choice in style of food you serve are the kind of drinks and how you serve them. Are you going down the formal route, or will your wedding be more relaxed?


Thinking about what drinks to serve doesn’t have to be a tricky task; what do you both enjoy drinking? Is there a special drink or cocktail you both love; a certain type of wine or champagne, maybe your favoured tipple is cider, or maybe you won’t be drinking and are voting for a soft option instead. Whatever your preference, cater for both alcohol and non-alcoholic options, but serve what you love and drink a lot of (especially if the venue allows corkage and you have a bit leftover…something to enjoy after the day!)


Some drinks can be served before the ceremony, but often service starts after the ceremony and at the reception. We often advise to serve at least two-three glasses per person, perhaps two alcoholic and one soft. Give your guests choice, especially on a hot day or if your reception is longer than an hour. Alternatively you could open a bar early, or set up a drinks station. Maybe you could have a DIY champagne/Bellini/Prosecco bar filled with lots of fruit and juices where people can create their own concoction. You could have a lemonade stall – always great fun with children and adults alike. If you have a more formal reception, perhaps a champagne tower would go down well and looks fabulous!


Think about how you want the drinks served also. You could opt for a help yourself bar or drinks station as mentioned, this could be manned if you prefer. You may wish to have tray service if you have a more formal theme. Depending on venue chosen, this could also impact upon choice. Most hotels will have a bar and waiters to serve the drinks, catering companies and other venues may also have this too, so it’s always worth checking beforehand and seeing what your venue can do.


The choice of drinks available can be quite vast, but it’s worthwhile thinking about whether you plan on being slightly more traditional or a little different in choice. Champagne or Prosecco (just as good  sometimes and cheaper) could be a great reception drink choice and goes fabulously well with canapés. A soft drink option might be Elderflower Fizz. Pimms is always popular in the summer and mulled wine in the winter. Alternatively you could create a signature cocktail – fun and puts your own personal stamp on the proceedings.


Wine is often served throughout the wedding breakfast, but you could offer alternative drinks, such as draft beer or cider. Speeches and toasts call for champagne. You might like to make this special – a rose always looks impressive! However if you don’t like champagne, then think about serving your guests this and you choosing a drink of your choice. We have seen a gin and tonic for the bride before. Whatever makes you happy! Think about how you would like the ‘toast’ drink to be served. When speeches are may determine how drinks are served. They could already be on the table if speeches are before the wedding breakfast or if they are after, tray service may be a better option, where glasses are handed around your guests.


Make sure you have soft drinks available; for those that don’t drink and for children. Also, think about water for the table. A choice of still and sparkling is always good, but if budget doesn’t allow, a good old jug of tap water is fine.


For those of you that love food and are connoisseurs of wine and champagne, you might like to do a wine pairing with your courses. If you really wanted to impress, you might like to see the glassware that the drinks will be served in. If you have the budget to do so and you wanted different glassware, see if this can be hired in and used instead.


For the evening reception, a bar is always a popular option. Whether you choose to have a free bar or limitations on certain drinks, or for guests to pay for themselves, is entirely your choice. But always let the venue or bar know your choice beforehand, so staff are aware what the situation is.


Most venues and hotels will have a bar service available, however not all do and with marquees and other types of venues, you may need to check on and hire in mobile bars, or a bar service, licenses and also corkage. It’s always advisable to check and T&C’s, and this then sorts everything out before hand, so you can enjoy yourselves on the day.


Not exactly alcohol related, but think about serving tea and coffee (maybe hot chocolate too in winter) during the day. Traditionally this is with or after desserts, but it’s always a popular choice and one for you to consider. You may just like to have it available if anyone requests, which, more often than not, they do!


Ultimately choosing your food and drink should be fun. Yes there is a lot to consider, but as long as you and your guests are happy, well fed and watered then you can relax, enjoy yourself and celebrate!


Goose & Berry are a Luxury Boutique Catering, Wedding, Event & Brand Experience Planning & Design company who specialise in Weddings, Social and Corporate Events.  We are based in Marlow & London and cover London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Home Counties.


Did you know we also Plan and Design Weddings and Events! http://www.gooseandberry.co.uk/event-design-goose-and-berry

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