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August Activities

Can you believe that summer is over (we’re hoping for an Indian Summer though as we have been loving this hot weather! Shame about the storms though!) and it’s September. August has continued in the same way as June and July started and it’s been another good and productive month for us. A mix of weddings and events, interspersed with tastings and meetings, we are settling into the swing of things and ready for what September is going to bring. That’s for next month however, so what has August provided…

Food and Events

August has given us two of our biggest events and two rather big weddings…which have been super fun! The first biggy was mid-way through with a glorious marquee wedding set in the most picturesque of gardens. It had a midsummers garden theme and the florals were so impressive! Guests were served from a rather salubrious gold bar –what else and sipping champagne and gin cocktails, it set the scene magnificently. A delicious feast of figs, beef fillet, a trio of puds and our delightful edible garden were served, along with a selection of cheese and a round of fish & chips to finish the evening. Our kind of meal!


The second biggy was just at the end and set in a quintessentially English setting, was just truly scrumptious in every way! This wedding had a more relaxed and informal feel in the way of our gourmet BBQ’s, which on such a beautifully sunny day was just super and guests loved it!


Amidst these two, we’ve had a few other smaller events and afternoon tea galore, which has proved popular this month. We do love afternoon tea and if you’re having a garden party, then this is the perfect fit!



After a rather busy July, our August is keeping up the momentum and we are still going strong through Wedding season. This month has mainly consisted of finalising plans for a beautiful intimate wedding in September and we’re really looking forward to this one. Set in a beautiful walled garden with the most glorious planting and florals, it’s going to be an absolute floral fantasia – that’s what we’re calling it anyway!

It’s going to be filled with some wonderful DIY detailing and an abundance of colour and a serious flower fest with some amazing food. We’re particularly looking forward to a bit of a vegan and health vibe which we can’t wait to try (perks of the job and all!).

Mid-month we were treated to a wedding breakfast at the seriously stunning Corinthia Hotel in London. Along with several other superstar planners, bloggers and editors we enjoyed a glass of fizz followed by a delicious breakfast and cake. We also got a tour of the spaces, restaurants and a penthouse. We’ve already decided that we are going to move in –it’s so us! Great Hire provided some fabulous ghost tables and chairs which looked amazing within the Ballroom setting and paired with some wonderful tableware from the amazing Duchess & Butler and some beautiful florals by By Appointment Only it created the perfect setting. It was lovely catching up with the gorgeous Abigail Bloom who provided the most amazing of cakes. We also got to chat about the super tasty cakes she provided for one of our couples in July – the chocolate cake was DIVINE!


The remainder of the month has been filled with venue visiting at the glorious Stoke Park (where we are a preferred supplier and will also be at their Wedding Showcase in October)  and Wisley Gardens and  gaining an abundance of quotes for a wedding next year and we can already tell it’s going to be a good one!


Until next time…Emma. x


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Food, Glorious Food – The Wedding Feast!

Possibly our most favourite thing about weddings (well definitely one of a few!) is the food! As a wedding and event design and planning company, we are also boutique caterers, so we know a thing or two about food! I’m sure most would agree that when it comes to wedding planning, food is also high up on the agenda and one of the most popular things to sort in the lead up to your big day – especially the tasting! This being said and knowing how important food is, it’s best not to get ahead of ourselves and let our stomachs do all of the talking! (Yes, we can hear rumbles already!).

Smoked Salmon & Pickled Cucumber

The biggest decision to make is to perhaps choose whether you want a formal or more laid back dining experience for your wedding food. Depending on the overall theme and style of your day, this may influence which you choose. Numbers may also have an impact upon your choice, as may your venue and food faves!

Bowl Food 2

Your venue may have quite an influence, some venues, particularly hotels will have in-house catering and menus for you to choose from (although most will have quite a range in choice and some can be flexible and will always cater for any dietary requirements). External caterers may not be allowed, so it’s always worth checking. If you can check prior to booking it’s always worth asking, especially if you know this is going to be a massive deciding factor and particularly if you have your heart set on a particular caterer. These venues are great for a formal sit down option, but can cater for other types too.

Eton Mess pistachio

With a marquee, barn or some independent venues you should be able to create your own wedding and use external caterers. Some will have preferred suppliers you will have to choose from, others will allow you to choose your own. Either way, these options may allow you the freedom to be a little more flexible in your chosen wedding food and suit your needs and wants.

Food Station 3

Do you have certain foods that you adore and love? Perhaps you have a certain meal that reminds you of a particular date or maybe even your engagement! You could incorporate these into the wedding food and also think about local foods and suppliers or food from certain areas. Anything that is special to you as a couple should be considered, as remember the day is about you! Yes, you need to consider your guests and catering for the masses, but ultimately the food should be about what you both like and the finer details about what can be done can be fine tuned by the chefs. Caterers or venue and any guests that have dietary requirements can also be attended to.


The wedding breakfast itself (first meal of married life) is one of the big events on the day. Traditionally and more formally a three course meal is served. However in recent times, less formal dining has been a prominent trend and one which we as caterers are certainly seeing more of. Buffets, bowl food and sharing platters are great, especially for guest interaction. Food stations are also a fun idea, whether used in the reception, as a dessert station for after the main meal or as part of the whole meal in itself – think buffet but on a large and almost market stall scale. Perhaps if your venue allows, you could have a certain type of food or course served in each room. Be it in served formal dining or buffet style.

Pudding Room

Canapés, we think are just as important as the main meal itself. In fact, sometimes we think even more so! They set the scene and whet the appetite for what’s in store and give the guests something to discuss and enjoy throughout the reception.  These mini marvels certainly have the cute factor, but also can pack a punch on the taste front too. We love them! Traditionally they are savoury, but can be hot or cold. We advise to serve the hot ones first, then maybe the cold, or depending on reception times, you can certainly mix them up. Remember as the couple – try and make sure you have some too or ask your caterer or venue to make up a special plate with one for each of you on. After all, you chose them, you should get them! Depending on timings, 5-8 canapés per person should be ample, but the quantities and timings can be discussed and planned with your chosen caterer or venue.

Canapes 2

If you have a sweet tooth, or maybe like a choice of sweet and savoury, consider having a few sweet canapés too. Alternatively you might like to look at having an Afternoon Tea style reception, where scones and tea are served. You might even like to have this as the main wedding breakfast, served at perhaps 3/4pm (afternoon teas are deceptively filling…we would like to thank our extensive research for discovering this!). This could then be followed by a BBQ, buffet or maybe even a hog roast served around 8pm as opposed to evening food at 11pm/midnight. You could of course, still serve evening food, depending on finish time and you know your guests and how much they like to eat! Fun mini burgers or fish and chips and perhaps sushi might be popular – as is cheese!

Cheese Board

For the real foodies out there and if you want to go all out, you might like to consider a cheese course after the dessert, maybe even add in extra courses – an amouse bouche or pre-dessert…or both! Numbers may impact upon whether this can or cannot be achieved, but it’s something to consider. If you both feel that you don’t want too much food, or perhaps budget is tight, consider serving your cake as dessert.

berry pavlova tower

For the style conscious out there and at the tasting, ask what cutlery and crockery will be used. We are all about food presentation and ‘food art’. The ultimate and final decision may be down to the chefs, however it’s always worth asking and if you have your heart set on something particular fitting your theme and style, then always ask. This can again be done with glassware, which we will discuss next week.

Soup Shooter Canapes

Look at the menus provided and look at testimonials and galleries, we cannot stress this enough! Most venues and caterers will offer a tasting, some not free of charge, but ask if they do this. The tasting is after all one of the most important and fun parts! Once you have chosen from the menu what you want to try, you then can decide what you want for your wedding day and can feedback any changes that are required. Mostly ENJOY the experience… look, smell and taste and have fun.

Italian Antipasti plate

All of our menus can be found here and more images found here.

Parma Ham, Goats' Cheese and Roasted Beets

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Which is better; a plated dinner or a buffet?

Which is better; a plated dinner or a buffet?

In any wedding reception, the food plays a major part—in fact, the cost of food at a reception usually consumes 35-40% of the total wedding budget. The first big choice you’ll make as you plan your menu is how to serve your guests: a plated dinner or a buffet meal, which usually includes several dish options. A plated dinner is considered the most formal option, as each guest is individually served.

Regardless of tradition, it’s entirely possible to have a formal wedding with buffet service these days. Mostly, the choice between the two comes down to questions of convenience and cost. Plated service requires more waiting staff, both to do the plating in the kitchen and to serve the meal to guests. Also, buffets make it easier and more cost effective to provide guests with a variety of choices, especially in this day and age of so many types of allergies and dietary restrictions.

With so many elaborate and impressive ideas for buffet service  – Oyster Bars,  beautiful Dessert buffets, Ice-Sculpted buffet tables and Over-sized Paella pans, a buffet doesn’t have to appear to be the cheaper option to feed your guests.



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