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Easter Eggstravagance!

Who can resist the temptation that these lovely oval chocolate goodies bring. The Easter Egg has long been enjoyed by many generations and continues to do so (I bet you can’t wait until Sunday!). However, we’ve noticed a bit of a change in the offering that the chocolatiers are bringing us at this time of year. Eggs are becoming fabulous works of art, with wild and wonderful flavours, leaving us with serious hunger in our eyes and belly. Check out the Easter Eggstravagance we have discovered in the shops.

Fortnum & Mason

Beehive Egg


Artisan du Chocolate

Balloon Egg

Geode Rocks (ok not quite egg shaped but close!)

Booja Booja

Around Midnight Espresso Easter Egg

Picture 189

Marks & Spencer

Lattice Egg

The Artisan Egg


Imperial Easter Egg

Not on the Highstreet

Anges de Sucre – Unscotch Eggs



Honeycombe Egg


Heston’s Golden Egg

What will you be tucking into on Sunday morning? Will you be dining out on an Easter Eggstravaganza or keeping it simple with egg and soldiers? A clue as to how our Sunday will look…surrounded by packaging and a room that Choccywoccydoodah would be proud of!


Words by Emma

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Wedding Favours – A little Thank You

Sugared almond anyone? Cute and traditional but I think today’s weddings call out for something more personal, maybe a bit more fun and something that is maybe a touch more edible. I actually am quite partial to a sugared almond or two, but I know there is so much more on the market! Favours are those things that seem to cause everyone a little bit of bother and not everyone is sold on them. It’s lovely to give something as a gesture and if budget allows, but are they really necessary? Well I like to think they are quite cute and your guests are sure to love getting a little something…but maybe something a little more adventurous than sugared almonds! Shall we take a look at some ideas?

I have to say my personal fave kind of favour is of the edible variety. I could go into quite lengthy detail about these, but I will just highlight a few that I love. If you want to have a look at a few more ideas, then take a look at our blog on Edible favours here.

  • Homemade Jams and Chutneys – Ever popular and seriously yummy. Guests will love that you have made these yourself and it’s something personal for them to take home. Go with your favourite flavour and ‘spread the love’…sorry couldn’t help it!


  • Mint to be – Yes, another little play on words, but whether in cute little tins, or old fashioned sweetie bags, mints are a great little touch and are handy too…especially if you’ve chosen a garlic based main!


  • Infused Olive Oil – I adore this idea and especially if it’s a truffle infused oil (I’m obsessed and goes so well on a porcini mushroom risotto….I digress!) – you could infuse your own or buy. Maybe add a little tag with a recipe on to use it. Who doesn’t love a little something they can take home and use!


  • Tea – Let your love brew! Yes, for all of those tea lovers, how fab would it be to create your own special blend, package it up in cute little bags and give to your guests as favours. Served with a name tag and in a vintage china cup, these are delicious ideas for those whimsical and rustic weddings, and perfect if you are having an afternoon tea based meal. Yum!


  • Shots – A slightly more alcoholic approach and maybe only adult appropriate, but you could serve a shot of something in a personalised shot glass. Doubling up as a drink, name tag and gift. Liking this multi-tasking idea a lot.


So I think it’s fair to say food rules my heart, however as long as something is personal, thoughtful and pretty, it also gets my vote. There are several wonderful favour ideas that you can’t eat sadly, but are just as wonderful!

  • Candles – Personalised, scented or just a token of your appreciation, candles are a cute way of saying thanks.


  • Seeds – Whether on paper, in a little hessian bag, or in a jar – watch your love (and plants) grow! I love the fact that you can plant these and the products will remind guests of your wedding. Very sweet.


  • Mini flower pots and plants – So you’re impatient and you don’t like the seed idea – then why not give your guests a mini plant in a pot. You could even use these as name tags. A lovely little souvenir.


  • Handmade soap – Another little DIY task for you to try. Yes, soaps can be bought, but perhaps you could make your own, with your favourite scents and ingredients. The personal touch will be sure to leave your guests smelling sweet!


  • Vintiquities – Why not use vintage keys or compasses as your table plan and name tags? Guests can then keep these and take them home as a reminder of your magical day. And…some keys even double up as bottle openers –genius!


  • Lottery Tickets / Scratch cards – Hey! If one of your guests wins big, they are going to be so thankful!


  • Raffle Ticket – Fab if you have a festival/fete themed wedding. Give each guest a raffle ticket and either have a selection of goodies or one big prize to win. Make it an add on to the speeches and get everyone involved in the fun!


  • Perfume – Ok, so this might be one for the bigger budgets, but if you adore beautiful scents and perhaps you are having your own made up for the day, why not make up some mini bottles (altering the scent a little – you want to individual right!?) and give to your guests.  Maybe you want to get interactive. Set up a scent station, where guests can create their own signature scent to bottle up and take home. The sweet smell of love!


  • Handmade Thank you Notes – Actually one of the simplest and cutest ideas and mainly because it’s so personal. Write a little card or note for each of your guests, sharing a memory or thank you. Warning – may cause some blubbing –add a pack of tissues in for good measure!


So what do you think? Still want to stick to those sugared almonds or are you going to be a little bit more daring? Go on, give something different and try, your guest will most definitely thank you.

Words by Emma

Images via Pinterest

Goose & Berry are a Luxury Boutique Catering, Wedding, Event & Brand Experience Planning & Design company who specialise in Weddings, Social and Corporate Events.  We are based in Marlow & London and cover London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Home Counties.

Did you know we also Plan and Design Weddings and Events!





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