Deck the halls…and the table!


Christmas is a hectic time of the year, but also a time that allows us to be truly creative. The Christmas table is one of the ways in which you can let your imagination run wild and your creativity shine. However, with everything else that needs doing, sometimes it can take a back seat. So we have put together a few tips to make it a little easier for you to have your most beautiful Christmas yet.

Plan ahead

How many people are you seating? What is being served and how is it being served? Will you need use of the table for dishing up? How much space is going to be available? Do certain foods need certain cutlery or crockery? What drinks will be on offer? What glasses will you need? There is actually a lot to bear in mind. Make sure that everything is taken care of so that once the table is set (try and do it on Christmas Eve) you aren’t rushing around last minute to find glasses or spare spoons.


Look to nature

Buying decorations is always exciting, but sometimes the most beautiful pieces can come from outside. If you have flora growing nearby, such as holly, ivy, mistletoe or fern, then use it to decorate the table. Wood is also a great source of effective and free décor!


Consider your lighting

While mood lighting is lovely, people also want to see what they are eating. The addition of candles and fairy lights on a table can add additional lighting to a room.


Take things higher

Creating different height levels when laying the table adds depth and interest. It can also help to create different spaces if you need extra things on the table. If you need table space for dishes of food, why not think about creating a centerpiece that hangs above the table.


It’s the little things

Details are so important. From the placement of a decoration, to the addition of a small gift for each guest: consider everything when planning and laying your table.


Go back to basics

Stick with plain white or neutral coloured crockery to make your other décor stand out. It is also best to have a neutral based colour theme to your decorations that can be enhanced by the addition of bolder tones. Think grey with silver and duck egg or stone with gold and black. If the base of your decorations are simple then each year you can add something extra that makes it different to the previous year.


Here are a couple of different table setting styles for inspiration










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